WELCOME to the FIRST EVER street team contest!  The idea of this contest, make SOMETHING ELSE the BIGGEST Tech N9ne record ever!  Who has the most power and passion to make this happen, YOU!  This is where you all prove why we are the BEST street team in Hip Hop................fuck that, in MUSIC!


This is a two sided contest, rounding out what it is to be a street teamer.  Side one will be to help work on your SOCIAL side of promoting.  The second side is intended to boost your IN THE STREETS game. 


This will be a team contest.  Each market is considered a team.  Each lead is just that, the leader of the team.  Everyone on the team must come together to ensure victory.  Each individual teamer has the opportunity to make a HUGE impact. 


There will be THREE winning teams.  Each of the winning teams will receive every street teamers DREAM PROMO BAG!  This Strange Music bag will be filled with tools of the trade, stuff to help you be the BEST teamer you can be and MERCH to make you look the part! Items will be revealed throughout the contest. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IT COULD BE!!!


ONE of those three teams, the BEST OF THOSE THREE TEAM, will also receive a GRAND PRIZE!  What is this grand prize you ask?  Well I can't tell you that just yet.  What I can tell you is it will be HUGE!!! On Tuesday July 30th when Something Else drops all will be revealed!!! (I promise you, it will be more then worth the wait)


  THIS IS HOW YOU WIN!   Judging will be based on the following criteria


 YOU CAN ENTER POSTS & TWEETS FROM…TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TUMBLR and the SMST website…don’t have an account, Bean can help you get one!  Every social post should have the hashtag #SESTContest (Facebook now has a hashtag system).


·         SOCIAL Come up with creative and clever posts or tweets for Tech N9ne,  along with the following buy links with a “high emphasis” on iTunes & Best Buy


  • SOCIAL Get huge retweets, lots of likes or comments? (Screen capture your posts to show your interactions)


  • STREET Most creative and highest number of RETAIL (DISPLAYS), SNIPES (OUTDOOR POSTINGS) AND HAND TO HAND pics.



Strange Presale Link                




BEST BUY LINK                     


FYE LINK                                 



For iTunes         Be one of the first to get the next STRANGE MUSIC CLASSIC, Tech N9ne “Something Else”


For BEST BUY  Visit BEST BUY for Tech N9ne and where u will ALWAYS find STRANGE MUSIC releases                                 


·         Feel free to post daily or frequently…. Let’s SEE major activity and a LOT of posts & tweets from ALL OF YOU

 ·         RE-TWEETS….Be WITTY ENOUGH to get RE-TWEETS (if YOU are getting a lot of re-tweets, let me know and I will check them out)


·         YOU WILL NEED TO EMAIL & COPY ME ON YOUR POSTS & TWEETS….you MUST put “I am winning the SEST Contest” and your city in the subject line.  All emailed submission must be sent to


·         SEND a RECAP of your teams posts / tweets and promo every Tuesday to (if you already have promo pics to me that you would like to submit resend them in the report)


If you have QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS or CONCERNS, send an email, Facebook message or Tweet to MEMy email (though you should know it by heart) is Twitter and Instagram: @Strange_MusicST


The goal here is of course to WIN the contest.  The broader goal is to bring TECH N9NE and SOMETHING ELSE to the top of the charts!  Each and every one of you have it in you!


We will all be united in the LARGEST push in Strange Music history!  ONE TEAM will stand out as a victor.  Show your support, love and drive for STRANGE MUSIC and LET’S MAKE THIS OUR BEST TECH RELEASE EVER!




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